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Social media is a powerful tool – but it’s also high-maintenance.

40% of social media users expect a response from a brand within 1 hour of asking a question or raising a concern.

And it’s hard – if not near impossible – to get any other work done if you’re always checking notifications, mentions and direct messages across all of the different platforms. 

The percentage of customers who use social media to talk to brands about sales questions or customer care concerns
How much cheaper it is handling customer service requests through social media versus by phone
How much addressing a social media complaint can boost customer advocacy
How much not responding to comments on social media can increase churn

The magic in social media marketing is found in the connections, conversations and relationships you build.

Without engagement, activation, and one-to-one interactions you can’t create community, nurture conversions, or provide empathetic customer service.

Shawna TregunnaCEO & Chief Strategist, Acclivity Agency

Here's how we help...

Monitor from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern time, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Learn your brand voice and follow your brand guidelines

Maintain brand scripts and FAQs

Document and escalate sensitive interactions based on brand rules

update CRMs or ticketing systems as needed

provide social media performance reports and analytics

speak/write English natively or fluently and use technology to support other languages

understand North American cultures, regions and references since we are all located in Canada

Platforms we support

LinkedIn (Page, Group, or Person)


Facebook (Page or Group)



X (Twitter)

Google Reviews




and more

Who We Serve

This service is ideal for:

⌾  Solo or small-team in-house marketers
⌾  Marketing freelancers or small agencies
⌾  Consultants and professional services
⌾  Independent restaurants and retail shops
⌾  Small businesses or startups
⌾  Associations and not-for-profits
⌾  Entrepreneurs and executives

our pricing

Our pricing formula is based on the following:

⌾  average volume of inbound engagement 
⌾  number of platforms to support
⌾  number of unique processes/tools to support (CRMs, ticketing systems, etc)
⌾  opt in or out of statutory holiday coverage 
⌾  opt in or out of outbound engagement 


  • “Whoever is behind this social media account, you’re amazing!” (After an epic brand-relevant pun battle.)

    Facebook User
    Customer's Customer
  • “We couldn’t have done it without you!” 

    A Critical Utility
  • “Thank you for everything. I didn’t actually expect anyone to answer but you answered and fixed everything so this was great.”

    Facebook User
    Customer's Customer

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