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Earned Media

Earned Media

Press Releases

A well crafted press release can help get your business news noticed and picked up in industry and business publications.

Contributor Articles

Many industry publications will accept non-sales based articles from industry thought leaders. You don’t need to do over the top selling when people know your name and see you as an expert in your field, we help secure and create those opportunities. 

Analyst Relations

Having good relationships with your industry analysts ensure they not only know about you but can stay in the loop about your news and progress. You can earn quotes in papers or get featured in industry reviews; we can also facilitate sponsored content developed in partnership with notable analysts. 

Media Pitching

More than just circulating press releases, media pitching can help you get recognition locally, nationally and globally if you can craft the right pitch for the right news outlet at the right time. We watch for the opportunities and move quickly when they arise. 

The more people see your company and brand mentioned (positively) in the news, industry publications and around the internet, the more likely they are to remember you and think of you first when they need the services you offer. This approach helps with influencing public opinion, awareness, extends your brand’s reach exponentially and solidifies you as a thought and business leader in your space. 

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