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Virtual CMO

Many B2B companies hire on and develop sales teams before they think about marketing, which can pose a number of cultural and procedural challenges for the organization when you move to introduce marketing to help your business grow and scale strategically and predictably. What if you hire the wrong marketing person? What skills do you need to hire? How many people does your marketing team need? These challenges and questions lead companies to put off developing their marketing longer than necessary and we have a solution. 

Acclivity is a full-service agency; we have a team of strategists, content marketers, designers, developers, writers and analysts that are all specialists in B2B marketing. On a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and marketing team retainer, we can quickly step in and become your marketing team – and you get access to our full fleet of experts, not just one hire that may or may not work out. We can support an existing marketing team if they are more specialized in one area and you need to add on, or we can help develop programs, train your team and then take a more consultative approach as your team takes over. 

Whatever your marketing needs are, let’s talk about them and see if our team and services can help your business grow. (Spoiler – we can!)


If your business is cyclical or needs more support during specific points in the year, leveraging an agency allows you to scale up and down as needed. We can add and remove marketing experts to your team as needed, without you having to figure out job descriptions, interview, hire and then fire once your busy time is over. 

Specialists Versus Generalists

When businesses hire marketers as employees they often have to make some skills trade-offs, no one person can be an expert in copywriting, web design, SEO, photography, PR, analytics, ads… you get the picture. So what companies often end up with are a hand full of marketing generalists who are “kind of good” a lot of things, but not experts in any one area. With an agency, we can move experts that specialize in each skillset – from email marketing to event planning to media relations and more – on and off your account as needed so you always have the best working on each element of your marketing. 

Pre-Built Tech Stack

Modern marketing uses a huge amount of technology to make it work, the nice thing is we come with a ready to go agency tech stack to fill any gaps you may have – often at no additional expense to you! We can make recommendations on the dedicated tech you may need, like a CRM or e-commerce platform, and also save you tons of time, energy and research on those investments. 

The flexibility, convenience and comprehensiveness of using a marketing agency either as a stand-alone marketing partner or integrated with your existing marketing and sales team we feel makes it an easy decision. Sometimes embedded marketers can get a little lost in the weeds, where an agency can maintain a strategic and industry overview vantage point while also staying on top of the day-to-day deliverables. We’d love to discuss how we can best work together for your business. 

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