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Event Marketing

Event Marketing

In Person Events & Trade Shows

The bulk of the work for a successful event, whether you are exhibiting or simply attending is completed long before the event in the planning, organizing and booking. We help ensure every in-person event results in high-quality connects, increased brand awareness and a list of new, hot leads! 

Virtual Conferences & Events

Virtual conferences all come with their own opportunities and preparation requirements; from composing compelling profiles to drafting relevant questions and answers to using booking and networking tools to make the most of an event we are there to support. 

Live Online

From webinars to Twitter chats to AMAs, we can create moments where your brand and business catches the attention of and wins the hearts and minds of people from across the internet. Many people equate internet savviness with competence and technical aptitude, we can ensure your business not only shows up but dominates in the live online world. 

Some say the event industry is dead, we think it’s just evolving. Meticulous research, planning and scheduling will always be critical for events, whether they are in person or online, and making sure you have goals for the connections you want to make and the impression you want to leave for every event is key for event marketing success. 

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