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Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

You can’t wait around forever and just hope your ideal clients find you when they need you. Account based marketing takes a more direct approach. Instead of waiting around for clients to come to you, we create an ideal client profile and target those accounts directly with content and marketing tailor-made for them. Now, when your ideal clients are ready to buy they already have the information they need to make a decision and they are a much easier close for the sales team. How do we do it? 

Develop "Ideal Client Profile" (ICP)

Working with you, we develop a list of weighted criteria that helps us identify the best prospects for you. 

Generate Prospect List

Using the ICPs developed we then begin to identify and rank companies that meet the criteria.

Update or Implement CRM Tools

A CRM is a client relationship management tool, it allows you to track your progress towards your sales goals. When used with lead scoring and segmentation it is highly effective at highlighting the priorities for the sales and marketing team by showing you which targeted leads are most engaged. 

Create Targetted Content

Once you know who your high-value ideal prospects are, we identify the type of content and questions they would specifically have or be interested in. We can target multiple decision-making roles within organizations by creating content specifically for each role and their concerns. 

Targetted Ads & Promotion

Once niche content is created we serve it directly to the people is it intended for. Many platforms allow us to use social media ads to target specific roles within specific organizations. We also leverage industry and role-based media outlets, publications or partnerships to help get our custom messaging in front of the target audience. 


Once a target account has engaged in content or through social or visited the website all of that data is captured in the CRM and based on the information we have (email, social media accounts, etc) we nurture the lead until it passes the threshold defined for SQLs and is then passed on to the sales team to close. 

Although the process looks linear it is more iterative and cyclical. New content is always being created, new ads and emails are being tested and there is a regular expand/refresh schedule for revisiting the ICPs and target lists. This approach ensures a regular supply of high-value leads and reduces your sales cycle where possible. 

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